World Goddess Heritage to Recollect

Heartful greetings to you Sister/Brother who on your search reached this page dedicated to the World Goddess Heritage. The dedication serves the global heritage including the cultures and sites of the Great Goddess.

On your search of the Goddess woldwide or even  already on the service of The Lady you will find useful the World Goddess Heritage Sites menu. There I with friends and devotees to thet Goddess have collected many of the most important Goddess Heritage Sites in our World.

  • You haven’t seen nor read much of the Goddess of your land on this or any other site? 
  • Would you like to get the world know of your Goddess more?
  • Would you like to share and give your lands’ Goddess heritage to the public?
  • You’ve been to a great Goddess Heritage Site recently and would eagerly share your experiences with those who appreciate it?

If you are a devottee of the Goddess on your land and would like to make your discoveries, researches of Goddess heritage open to the public, then you are most welcome to write a note and we help you to offer your precious knowledge, experiences of the Goddess of your land to others awaiting for such information.

Do write with the impulse bursting out of your soul!

With love,

Ana Kitara

The Goddess is there in all times and all places. In our present day we are to rediscover, re-member and honour Her presence. You and me have already started. And we are far not alone.


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